TL;DR: This is an opinionated technology solution using NextJs Zones and federated GraphQL. For the techies, there’s a fair amount of upfront business context. Bear with me, it’s an important part of the story. Especially so, if you’re trying to convince your business leaders to invest in a modern architecture like micro-frontends and federated GraphQL.

The large organisation problem

Large organisations, be they modern tech giants or established enterprises, face tough challenges when it comes to ownership of digital assets. As organisations grow and shrink, technology trends shift from monoliths to microservices, shared platforms to value streams, the brunt of the pain is felt…

Smashing together the best of enterprise, open source and cloud to deliver blisteringly fast, resilient experiences.

At Nationwide we’ve created an awesome Enterprise Jamstack platform. Before I go in to how we’ve built it and what it looks like lets break down what I mean by those two words “Enterprise” and” Jamstack”.


Which in this case means “Enterprise CMS”. We’re talking about Content Management Systems and DXPs. I personally didn’t get enterprise CMS systems for a long time. I couldn’t see the value: they’re big, complex and costly. To top it off they need constant upgrades, niche skills and still…

Rich James

Technology Lead, Cloud Architect, Engineer

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